C7 Golden Weasel Freeze-Dried Coffee – Box 70Gr


C7 Golden Weasel Freeze-Dried Coffee – Box 70Gr.

Instant freeze-dried coffee is currently a new trend in instant coffee in the world. Basically, cold-dried instant coffee has a higher repatriation rate than spray-dried and nuggets-dried coffee, so the taste of this coffee is excellent and is positioned as high-quality instant coffee.

Freeze-dried coffee supplied by HUCAFOOD is dried and repatriated at low temperatures, so it does not lose the aroma of the coffee and helps the product to have the same quality as roasted and ground coffee.

Instant cold-dried coffee is coffee produced by cold-drying at a low temperature, it is not the same as other forms such as spray drying. Freeze-dried coffee is produced on modern technological lines and by advanced freeze-drying methods to keep the original flavour of the coffee.

The advantage of this method is that users can still enjoy the inherent flavour of coffee without fear of mixing because the repatriation rate is very high.

The freeze-drying method lets you enjoy coffee with its inherent flavour. In this method, the coffee solution will be cooled rapidly at a temperature down to -40℃ to create ice crystals, then they are crushed and vacuum-dried.

Drying at low temperatures helps the coffee retain its original flavour after the drying process. However, this method is quite time-consuming and also relatively expensive.

Net weight: 70gr

Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight and exposure to air.

Hot drink: Add 2-3gr of cold-dried instant coffee to 80ml of hot water, add sugar, stir well and use immediately.

Cold drink: Add 2-3gr of freeze-dried instant coffee to 60ml of hot water, add sugar, stir well, add ice, stir and use immediately.

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