Drip Bag Coffee – Moka Filter Bag Coffee – Box 150Gr


Moka Filter Bag Coffee – Box 150gr – HUCAFOOD.

Paper filter coffee – Moka filter bag coffeeHUCAFOOD “Drip Bag Coffee”, always brings a cup of authentic quality coffee and inspires creativity in you. Paper filters are imported and manufactured with modern technology from Yamanaka Japan.

HUCAFOOD Vietnam confidently brings high-quality Moka paper filter coffee products to customers with modern and convenient styles.

With a passion for Vietnamese coffee, we have researched, studied and researched to produce Moka HUCAFOOD paper filter coffee products that are convenient for the community. And also for the benefit and development of coffee culture in Vietnam.

Right now you can enjoy the taste of paper filter coffee – HUCAFOOD filter bag coffee anywhere. You can make it at home to welcome and chat with friends and relatives. In addition, it can also be a gift for everyone, especially partners at work. Or in long-term travel and business trips, the taste of coffee is indispensable.

Especially, Moka HUCAFOOD paper filter coffee is very suitable for office workers who do not have much time to go to the cafe to enjoy coffee. This is the time when paper filter coffee – HUCAFOOD filter bag coffee will have a great effect to bring joy, refreshment, creativity and mental clarity to work and dedicate more.

It is both a meaningful gift and a drink to enjoy every day. There is nothing more wonderful than relaxing moments with a cup of paper filter coffee – filter bag coffee is extremely convenient. Because before making coffee took a long time, now it only takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to have a cup of paper filter coffee – HUCAFOOD filter bag coffee is delicious, delicate and extremely luxurious.

Anyone can drink coffee, no matter who you are, your profession, or your position. Moka paper filter coffee – HUCAFOOD filter bag coffee for the benefit of the community but brings the most practical value.

We are committed to always bringing the highest quality coffee filters and modern Japanese production processes. Committed to “cutting the heart” of Vietnamese coffee lovers.

– Paper filter coffee – Moka HUCAFOOD filter bag coffee is produced from 100% high-quality Moka beans.
– Processing method according to Honey, the level of roasting is suitable for the filter, and the product is roasted 100% pure.
– Do not impregnate with flavouring additives. Using Europe’s leading roasting technology, “Hot Air” roasting technology helps coffee beans have a uniform colour, and paper filters imported from Japan. Helps extract the best essence of coffee and is safe for users.
– Product Type: Filter bag.
– Paper filter coffee – convenient filter bag coffee, suitable for office, home and travel use.
– Net weight: 150g (10 packs x 15g)

Instructions for brewing:

1. Separate the mouth of the bag according to the “open here” line

2. Open 2 paper filter handles, gently shake the coffee surface and insert it on both sides of the cup.

3. Slowly add 30ml of boiling water at 89-95 degrees Celsius, wait for the coffee to bloom, then continue to add 60 to 80ml of boiling water.

4. Remove the filter paper from the cup, add milk sugar to taste and enjoy.

=> When finished, the paper and coffee filters can be reused as hooded bags, deodorizing in the refrigerator and in the room.

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