Mix Coffee Robusta & Arabica 100% Pure Roasted Beans – 500Gr/Bag


Mix Coffee Robusta & Arabica 100% Pure Roasted Golden Weasel – HUCAFOOD.

The 50/50 blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee will create balance and richness for your cup of coffee.

Therefore, the blend between Arabica and Robusta will create a balance and richness for the cup of coffee.

The aroma of Arabica when combined with the boldness of Robusta will create a perfect coffee that is suitable for the taste and flavour of Vietnamese coffee.

Enjoying the product line of pure coffee blends between Arabica and Robusta, you will have a new experience of richness, novelty and extremely attractive in the coffee world that you still have to explore a lot.

Currently, due to the different customers’ goals for the coffee shop and drinking gout, the baristas & cafe owners also have many different recipes for different types of coffee.

We always want to expand the market, so we look forward to long-term cooperation with agents and distributors with a high discount!
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