Moka Bean Coffee Roasted Golden Weasel – 500Gr/Bag.


Moka Bean Coffee Roasted Golden Weasel Huca Food – 500Gr/Bag.

What is Moka Coffee? Moka is a type of coffee belonging to the Arabica genus, introduced by the French in the 30s of the 20th century, they are grown in Da Lat, Lam Dong, the highlands and found by Doctor Paster. This unique and best land in Vietnam is the CAU DAT site.

External description of Moka coffee beans: relatively small, hard, irregularly shaped beans with a colour ranging from greenish yellow to light yellow, Moka coffee is the Vietnamese name for Mocha coffee, known in Vietnam. They are a strain of coffee beans that originated in Mocha, Yemen.

Floor beads S18.

Select ripe seeds.

Roasted wood without seasoning.

Producer: Huca Food

Product Line: Moka

Net Weight: 500gr

Product Type: Seeds

Shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Moka Coffee Beans Roasted Woody Golden Weasel Huca Food – 500gr bag.

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