Pure Roasted Robusta Coffee – Golden Weasel – 500Gr/Bag


Pure Roasted Robusta Coffee Beans – Golden Weasel – 500Gr/Bag.

– Selected from the largest ripe red Robusta coffee beans.

– Coffee beans are wet processed and polished (remove dirt and silk)

– Remove all impurities (twigs, blades of grass, sand, grit, no black seeds, broken, abutments).

– Grain sieve 18

– Silver packing: 500gr/pack

– Carefully and meticulously roasted in a strictly controlled process.

– Bold, bitter, strong taste typical of Vietnamese Robusta.

– Use an Espresso machine or blend to make a filter.

The product is guaranteed to be 100% pure, not mixed with impurities, not seasoned with any other flavors.

– Pack the packaging firmly, carefully, not damaged during transportation, after use, the customer can leave it in the bag, close the mouth to be used for the next time.

Step 1: Grind the coffee, then scoop 4 or 5 teaspoons of powder into the filter. With pure coffee, those who like to drink strong coffee should usually give coffee about half a filter.
Step 2: Pour a little boiling water into the filter enough for the coffee in the filter to heat up and expand, wait a moment for the boiling water to permeate the coffee.
Step 3: Then add boiling water to the filter, pure coffee will bloom when it meets boiling water.
Step 4: Close the lid of the filter and you will have a cup of pure, delicious coffee.

Producer: Huca Food
Expiry date: 24 months from date of manufacture.
Storage: store in a dry place, avoid direct sunlight, close the bag tightly after use.


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