Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans – Golden Weasel – 500Gr/Bag


Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans – Golden Weasel – 500Gr/Bag.

– Products of HUCAFOOD Production and Trading Co., Ltd. with more than 20 years of experience in coffee processing.
– The product is 100% pure roasted, not mixed with impurities, and not seasoned with any other flavouring.

– Selected from quality Arabica coffee beans from the Cau Dat area.
– Pure coffee roasted with wood – Commitment not impregnated – No impurities.
– Typical taste, sour, sweet aftertaste.
– Thoroughly screen for impurities.
– Specification: 500gr bag.
– Use for filter and machine – for a nice thick layer of crema.
– Diversified quality – Competitive price.
– Packing as required.

* Standard Mixing Guide

1. Clean – rinse the filter with hot water before use.
Put an amount of coffee of about 20g into the filter (horizontal 2 holes in the filter body).
2. Gently shake the coffee evenly. Use the bar to compress the coffee and rotate the bar to lock (avoid pushing the bar up when the coffee blooms).
3. Put some hot water in the lid and put the filter and wait for the water to drain out.
At the same time, add a little hot water to the filter – close the lid and wait for 1-2 minutes for CO2 to escape.
4. Add about 50ml of hot water and wait for the coffee to run out.

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